Simultaneous Translation or interpretation is an indispensable service in our contemporary world, especially for business men and organizations that seek to establish relations, sign contracts and conclude agreements with others. Due to the significance of these services, we have provided Arabic-Russian-English interpretation through qualified interpreters. We hope to add additional languages in the near future.

Moscow Legal Translation provides interpretation in the following fields:

  • Business debates and conferences, training courses, educational sessions and exhibitions.
  • Simultaneous translation during contracts and agreements signing, and attestations thereof at the notary public.
  • Court sessions, representation of parties, banks, legal consultants and advocates, police stations, public and government departments.
  • Telephone calls and satellite conferences.

As simultaneous translation is a specialized art and practice that require preparation and readiness, it would be better to notify us of your need for the service within three to four days prior to the event. It is also necessary to provide us with the required information, if any, regarding the nature and theme of the conference or event, including any written or oral details.
Rates of interpretation depend on the duration, venue of the event, number of interpreters and other factors. For more details, please contact us